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Georges on the Cove-Terrace Dining Experience

George’s on the Cove offers a fine dining experience in the price range of $20 to $35 per person. As the evening ocean air makes its way up the cliff and the sounds of ruffling waves dash against the cove walls you can be dining in style. You won’t miss a single shooting star under the nighttime canopy on the third floor terrace. George’s on the Cove has three levels which include the basement, mid floor and the upper deck. Both the upper deck and the mid floor areas have access to cove views. Each floor contains a bar and their own chef. If you don’t like the offerings on one floor you may consider checking the menu on one of the others. If you’re just looking for a place to drink wine you can sit in the plush cellar on the lower floor. Lunch specials are $10 to $15 with items like the Mediterranean Grilled Vegetables for $ 14 made with hummus, tzatziki, house made pita. Evening dining ranges from $17 to $27 per person. You might want to try the Spaghetti with Clams

The Ocean Air of Osteria Romantica

Osteria Romantica offers a glimpse into Italian history whereby the Square, Church and Osteria were common meeting places between the classes in villages.  The ancient Osterias started in the late 1300’s and were typically inexpensive places where wine and sometimes food were offered. Generally, if there was food it was on a short list and people sat in common tables. Osteria Romantica is a restaurant but tries to maintain the charm of its historical cousin through expanded menu offerings.  They maintain a full menu that includes items like Calamari Affogati which is Calamari Sauteed in Fresh Tomato Sauce and Spinach and Risotto Profumo which is Italian Arborio Rice with Scamorza Cheese, Radicchio, Pears. Prices range from around $10 to $30. Their wine selection is large and prices are under $10. Considerable selection of alternative items is also available.  The restaurant is located down the street from La Jolla Beach. The street is busy during the lunch period