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The Cozy Atmosphere at Whisknladle

Outside View The Whisknladle in La Jolla known for its cozy atmosphere and great selection of beverages that provides a lively place for sitting with friends. It has an upscale bar atmosphere with just a touch of country western theme. The lighting is low but not so low as to obscure conversation. In the winter, their outdoor dining is covered with plastic to retain the warmth making a unique servicescape. The restaurant prides themselves on the quality and freshness of their food. This was also my experience as the food was simple, appeared to be handmade, and generally tasty. You may want to try the warm Brussels Sprout salad. It was the first time I tried such a dish and it was impressive. The cutting board was not to my personal liking. Try it for yourself.  Their offerings fall in line with higher end Bistros.  According to Yelp the average ranking for the restaurant is 4 out of 5. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and is a big draw for the establishment. The loca

Harry’s Coffee Shop in La Jolla-Simple Atmosphere with Full Taste

Harry’s Coffee Shop in La Jolla is one of those dinners that offer an eclectic environment and simple food for a great price. As a popular local destination, people fill this location every weekend.  As today was the La Jolla Christmas parade, it was even busier than normal.  It offers a simple environment with wall lined artistic pictures, diner style sitting, and booths for families. Food is low cost with large portions. If you are into farm food, you may want to try the smoked salmon omelet.  Do not like meat…get a veggie omelet!  Both options are full of cheese, and not likely to keep your calorie count down, but certainly will fill your stomach. You may want to choose something a little healthier. A full menu offers a wide variety with a number of healthy options. Click menu here. It is a lively place with lots of visitors and acts as a local meet and great place. The atmosphere is down to earth, warm and friendly. No need to wear your suit and tie. Today was a litt

The Ocean Air of Osteria Romantica

Osteria Romantica offers a glimpse into Italian history whereby the Square, Church and Osteria were common meeting places between the classes in villages.  The ancient Osterias started in the late 1300’s and were typically inexpensive places where wine and sometimes food were offered. Generally, if there was food it was on a short list and people sat in common tables. Osteria Romantica is a restaurant but tries to maintain the charm of its historical cousin through expanded menu offerings.  They maintain a full menu that includes items like Calamari Affogati which is Calamari Sauteed in Fresh Tomato Sauce and Spinach and Risotto Profumo which is Italian Arborio Rice with Scamorza Cheese, Radicchio, Pears. Prices range from around $10 to $30. Their wine selection is large and prices are under $10. Considerable selection of alternative items is also available.  The restaurant is located down the street from La Jolla Beach. The street is busy during the lunch period

The Hidden Gem Harry’s Bar and American Grill

Nestled in a corporate building away from the busy streets and behind a subtle hill it is possible to find a hidden gem that is not overloaded with long lines and hurried staff. Harry’s Bar and Grill offers Italian and American cuisine with a touch of old world class. From the plush wicker chairs to the hardwood walls, you will find luxury within its decor. Located across the street from the UTC mall it is a perfect little get-a-way for lunch or dinner. Harry’s Bar and American Grill is well known for the business lunches. The business crowd comes in droves. Salads and Appetizers are for $8.00 to $12.00 with a variety of styles and tastes.  For example, Carpaccio with sliced raw beef, light mustard sauce, capers, arugula & shaved parmesan for $12.00 or something simple like Insalata Cia with Romaine, tomatoes, onions, artichokes, mushrooms, salami, parmesan & provolone cheese, creamy vinaigrette  for $9.00. Bowls of soup for around $6.00 are also available. Lunch spe

Forever Fondue Offers a Touch of Swiss Culture in La Jolla

Forever Fondue is a unique place that offers a service that differentiates itself from other restaurants in the area. Located in the downtown district of La Jolla its customers consist of both locals and visitor foot traffic. If you have never had your dinner cooked from a fondue pot, this is your opportunity to try it.  There is nothing wrong with engaging in the unique from time-to-time just like your parents did in the 1960’s. The restaurant has a variety of food options but centers around cheese, desert, salads and a main course. For two people the average price for a four-course meal is around $60. I ordered the $65 seafood combination that includes Mahi Mahi, Ahi, vegetables, mussels and salmon. By the time I finished the salad, cheese, main course and desert there really was not any room to eat anything else. This size meal might have been enough for at least three or more people. The décor is traditional American with booths and table seating. There is a small bar i

The Public House Offers Home Brews and Grass Fed Burgers

The Public House in La Jolla is one of the best casual restaurants in the area. It is rated 4 and 5 stars by local customers. Located in the downtown area in the heart of the city’s activity center it is a great place to start an evening by getting a brewski and something to eat. With 43 craft tap beers and 350 bottled varieties this is a casual “down home” environment. They pride themselves as the “Locally World Famous” burgers with a distinct charbroiled taste. The establishment is easy to find. Simply drive or walk down 6 th street in the evening and you won’t miss the flaming heaters on the brightly lite outdoor patio. Even though indoor seating is available the bar and all the action is outside. Sitting on the patio on a cool coastal evening watching a sports game or having great conversation makes one feel much more alive.  Tables offer accommodations up to six people, four in a booth, and two on intimate tables. Their famous burgers are a quarter pound slab of cha