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Forever Fondue Offers a Touch of Swiss Culture in La Jolla

Forever Fondue is a unique place that offers a service that differentiates itself from other restaurants in the area. Located in the downtown district of La Jolla its customers consist of both locals and visitor foot traffic. If you have never had your dinner cooked from a fondue pot, this is your opportunity to try it.  There is nothing wrong with engaging in the unique from time-to-time just like your parents did in the 1960’s. The restaurant has a variety of food options but centers around cheese, desert, salads and a main course. For two people the average price for a four-course meal is around $60. I ordered the $65 seafood combination that includes Mahi Mahi, Ahi, vegetables, mussels and salmon. By the time I finished the salad, cheese, main course and desert there really was not any room to eat anything else. This size meal might have been enough for at least three or more people. The décor is traditional American with booths and table seating. There is a small bar i