Saturday, May 4, 2013

Krakatoa Coffee Shop on Golden Hill San Diego

Krakatoa in Golden Hill California offers an eclectic atmosphere where local artists and students gather to talk, work, and study. With plenty of seating, many bakery options, and a huge patio it is one of San Diego coffee shop patrons favorite places to spend time. Located a few blocks from Balboa Park and within a few miles of the Naval Hospital, zoo, and downtown it gets lots of visitor traffic.

The establishment is a coffee shop and café all mixed in one. They have a large selection of muffins, cookies, scones and other goodies that are simply delightful to try. Other items on the menu include exotic names like Vesuvio (egg sandwich) and Pinatubo(toasted telara). Perhaps you are interested in something healthier like hummus and pita or a mixed berry smoothie.  Their food selection is large enough for most interests.

Prices on their caffeinated drinks are affordable and under the costs of many competitors. A standard large coffee is $2.25 while a large mocha is also reasonably priced at $2.25. Add that to a $7.25 sandwich and you still fall under the $10 rule.  You can view Krakatoa’s beverage and food menu.

The atmosphere is relaxing in terms of seating options, aroma, and Internet access. It is possible to find couch seating, in-door seating and outdoor patio seating. Like many coffee shops, there is use for more plugs. Therefore, make sure you have a battery or are willing to wait for a place where you can plug in your computer.  Background music is light but lively so it provides additional mood enhancement for guests. 

Krakatoa appears to be trying to provide this artistic feel and design as a matter of strategy. You will notice the colors on the wall are bright and Southwestern in orientation. The building itself is a converted house which adds to the overall décor. Music and products have an exotic appeal that enhances its servicescape. One gets the impression they are in a tropical and exciting place. When positive feelings are associated with a business, it is likely to increase the overall customer satisfaction level. 

1126 25th Street,
Golden Hills California, 92102
Monday-Saturday 6:30 AM -8PM
Sunday 9:00AM-6:00PM

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  1. personally i would say they have the best coffee that i ever tasted, and i was born in the Northwest where coffee is super loved!