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Café 976 Develops Customer Experiences the Green Way

Cafes are a natural part of the urban landscape but Café 976 takes this idea to a higher level. The establishment offers a colorful servicescape brighter than what you might find in your grandmother’s garden. As a converted home Café 976 is retro, trendy, and environmentally friendly. Located a few blocks from Pacific Beach the café acts as a stopping point for locals and students.  The foliage provides enough cover for a little privacy but not so much to restrict interaction with others. The furniture is old and brightly colored similar to what you might find in a garden but much more functional. The yard is sectioned off into little interaction areas around a tree, a courtyard, or deck. If you don’t like the company in one area move over to the next.  A positive experience encourages customers to engage in word of mouth advertising. A study of coffee shops showed that managing customer experiences in the functional and emotional domains led to higher customer sa