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Symbolism and Sales that Create Repeat Customers

Businesses create impressions through their servicescape, image, products, and music. An environment can be appealing because it creates an impression that taps into something within our culture and backgrounds that helps customers have positive experiences and feelings. Businesses will often use cultural context to create backgrounds and icons that make them stand out from their competitors. Near Balboa Park in San Diego is a little gem of a business called Cafe Bassam that carries the charm of old England and colonial India. Antique hardwood, polished silver vases, seasoned bottles of wine and likely the largest selection of tea around. Tables are small and the atmosphere is hurried in an effort to create an authentic experience. Raw tea is out in the open to create the decor that this is a traditional tea shop. Upon entering you will notice its popularity with trendy people of every background enjoying the experience. A few may be clicking on their laptops, another ruffling t

Café 976 Develops Customer Experiences the Green Way

Cafes are a natural part of the urban landscape but Café 976 takes this idea to a higher level. The establishment offers a colorful servicescape brighter than what you might find in your grandmother’s garden. As a converted home Café 976 is retro, trendy, and environmentally friendly. Located a few blocks from Pacific Beach the café acts as a stopping point for locals and students.  The foliage provides enough cover for a little privacy but not so much to restrict interaction with others. The furniture is old and brightly colored similar to what you might find in a garden but much more functional. The yard is sectioned off into little interaction areas around a tree, a courtyard, or deck. If you don’t like the company in one area move over to the next.  A positive experience encourages customers to engage in word of mouth advertising. A study of coffee shops showed that managing customer experiences in the functional and emotional domains led to higher customer sa

The Little Fountain at Cabaret Cafe

Cabaret Café is a Mediterranean café and coffee shop that offers both light dishes and some of the best lattes in the area. Offering indoor or patio seating customers can find a place to sit. Plush seating or patio furniture style…the choice is yours. The atmosphere is laid back and comfortable. It follows a pattern of style that one would consider to have broad based appeal. Reviews are strong and patrons appear to like the Mediterranean food, coffee, sandwiches, and smoothies. Based on online reviews the far majority of visitors indicate that they come back on a regular basis and engage in everything from conversation to reading. Patrons are scattered around the various types of tables and nooks.  The patio also contains a simple fountain. It isn’t anything special but does offer a positive patio experience.   According to Kumar, et. al (2013) servicescapes improve upon the environmental psychology of customer perception and overall positive impressions of the establis

The Business and Health Benefits of Hanging Pictures of Flowers

Flowers and nature help us to connect to our lives before the advent of modernity. It helps us think about a simpler time and nostalgic world. Not that this time was better or worse than it is today but that it was a period when life was simple. People enjoyed the aesthetic beauty of watching wildlife and artistic paint laden within flowers.  When flowers and wildlife pictures are placed within the workplace it can reduce stress and increase productivity. Stress is one of the most profound killers within the country and a few more flowers, trees, and landscape pictures are unlikely to do you any damage. We may have lost the art of appreciating nature for nature’s sake.  Some people place pictures of nature’s artistry around their workplace. Some put them within waiting rooms to reduce customer anxiety, others put them in their office to maintain focus, while still others like to give a more open view of tight space. Using pictures of nature can increase the overall image an

Don’t Escape the Details of the Servicescape

Your stomach is growling with hunger pains and you need a great place to eat. You don’t want just any place but need that perfect place that expresses your mood. Feeling a little upscale with that great bonus you just received from work you scan your memory for a restaurant that will not only satisfy your appetite but also perpetuate that positive feeling into the evening.   You know big things are going to happen since you have now been recognized for your great work. Thinking of possible alternatives you finally settle on a fancy French establishment with valet, fireplaces, patio dining, fountains and violin music in the background. It costs more but heck it still feels great to spend your reward for superior effort! What you have just thought about is called servicescape. The servicescape is the physical environment that customers exist in that influences both customer behavior as well as overall impression of the business. Successful retail management includes the underst