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The Little Fountain at Cabaret Cafe

Cabaret Café is a Mediterranean café and coffee shop that offers both light dishes and some of the best lattes in the area. Offering indoor or patio seating customers can find a place to sit. Plush seating or patio furniture style…the choice is yours. The atmosphere is laid back and comfortable. It follows a pattern of style that one would consider to have broad based appeal. Reviews are strong and patrons appear to like the Mediterranean food, coffee, sandwiches, and smoothies. Based on online reviews the far majority of visitors indicate that they come back on a regular basis and engage in everything from conversation to reading. Patrons are scattered around the various types of tables and nooks.  The patio also contains a simple fountain. It isn’t anything special but does offer a positive patio experience.   According to Kumar, et. al (2013) servicescapes improve upon the environmental psychology of customer perception and overall positive impressions of the establis