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Friday, June 20, 2014

Taking a Beach Break at Newbreak Coffee and Cafe

After spending an afternoon on the sand smelling like coconut tanning oil beach enjoyers walk over to Newbreak Coffee and Café for their favorite beverage and snack. Offering homemade food and a street side location across from the beach it has earned its spot as a local icon. Foot traffic in the Ocean Beach area is robust with people browsing surfboard shops, beach clothing outlets and mom & pop restaurants.  It is a beach community that attracts a special kind of resident who rents a local apartment and spends their day on the water or an out-of- state tourist that fly in for a week to experience authentic beach life.

Food and beverages are the main attraction for Newbreak as customers walk across the street to grab something quick to eat before making their way back to the beach for some time in the sun.  Patrons can order eggs, omelets, soups, muffins and gourmet sandwiches.  Each of the items takes considerable care and effort to prepare adding to its quality.  Your watering mouth won’t forget their coffees, teas, lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos, and blended fruits. 

Providing a positive café experience is important for developing a return customer base. Established on the results of focus groups, a couple of themes make their way through the patron’s experience (Kauppinen-Rajsanen, 2013). Childhood memories, tourist experiences, social engagement and homemade food help customers find deeper meaning with the restaurant based on the self, place, food, context and time of the experience. 

Newbreak Coffee and Cafe provides a social atmosphere, homemade menu, and convenient location that encourage positive experiences. Restaurants are in the business of selling memories and feelings. A beachside dining experience that fits within the free flowing tourist lifestyle of Ocean Beach creates positive customer experiences through their senses that develop memories. 

The next time you are in the area and combing the beach or walking the pier you may want to stop by Newbreak Coffee and Café. Place your surfboard outside and walk in with your sandals. It is a casual atmosphere where customers are more likely to wear waist wraps and flower patterned swimming trunks than formal clothing. Sit outside in the sun by the street or inside next to their wood stove. Grab a sandwich and a smoothie and head back to the next big wave. Don’t forget to relive the experience for diner.

Newbreak Coffee and Café
1830 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard
Suite D, San Diego, CA 92107

Kauppinen-Rajsanen, et. al. (2013). Remember eating experiences described by the self, place, food, context and time. British Food Journal, 115 (5).