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Sights and Smells at Skybound Coffee and Desert Lounge

Skybound Coffee and Desert Lounge may have opened its door in May but is already getting public exposure as a sweet tooth’s and coffee lover’s pit stop. Offering organic coffee in small-batch production, pastries, gelatos and an emphasis on local products the market appears to be responding. Located near the busy activity of the Gaslamp District and a few blocks from the Westerfild Horton Plaza they appeal to vacationers and metro dwellers. The coffee lounge is fairly simple by design and offers an artisan baker’s charm. A smorgasbord of pastries with puffy white frosting and creamy custard dance before your eyes. It is hard to pass by the display case and not feel the beckoning call of a sweet nirvana. If you are looking for something a little less zingy to the taste buds delve into a croissant or bagel. In the restaurant business sweets are not just for looking at but also have a fragrance that raises the purchase amount. A study conducted by Krishna, et. al. (2014) found t