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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Claire de Lune Offers the True Coffee Lounge Experience

Coffee Lounges offer an inviting atmosphere with laissez-faire experience. Claire de Lune provides an eclectic environment where people of all ages and types sit, read, browse the internet and engage in conversation. Looking more like a living room than a coffee shop people will feel at home regardless of their attire and background. 

As part of the North Park community they attract a wide following. The street is busy with stores, restaurants, bars, and activities. Foot traffic is high and the coffee shop fits with local market demographics. People seem to congregate there as they make their way through the commercial area. 

Friday and Saturday nights offer free music for patrons. The genre of the music changes but can be in the African, Latin, Guitar, and similar strains. For the price of the coffee you can sit down and enjoy live entertainment by local musical talent. Few places will offer the same. 

Claire de Lune also attempts to be a positive influence in the area. They host amateur art in an attempt to raise the stature of the artists as well as draw visitors within their business. Both the business and the artists receive a benefit through greater exposure while adding to the d├ęcor of a traditional coffee lounge. 

Their interior design is well thought out. Lounge chairs are arranged in a manner that invite groups and people to get to know each other. The tables are sturdy and can accommodate one or two people. For those who enjoy being on the balcony or outside on the patio that option is available for them as well. 

2906 University Avenue
San Diego, California 92104