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Claire de Lune Offers the True Coffee Lounge Experience

Coffee Lounges offer an inviting atmosphere with laissez-faire experience. Claire de Lune provides an eclectic environment where people of all ages and types sit, read, browse the internet and engage in conversation. Looking more like a living room than a coffee shop people will feel at home regardless of their attire and background.  As part of the North Park community they attract a wide following. The street is busy with stores, restaurants, bars, and activities. Foot traffic is high and the coffee shop fits with local market demographics. People seem to congregate there as they make their way through the commercial area.  Friday and Saturday nights offer free music for patrons. The genre of the music changes but can be in the African, Latin, Guitar, and similar strains. For the price of the coffee you can sit down and enjoy live entertainment by local musical talent. Few places will offer the same.  Claire de Lune also attempts to be a positive influence in the

Book Review: Modern Saber Fencing

Song: I know where I am going Modern Saber Fencing by Zbigniew Borysiuk moves into great depth about the sport of saber. It provides a discussion of fencing history, electronic scoring, modern saber, fencing nutrition, research on fencing, fencing talent, diagnostic tools, reaction, and information processing. The book offers scientific knowledge of fencing and has been reviewed by doctors and Olympic coaches to bring cutting edge information to the sport. It is a great book for those who may want to take their fencing from recreation to competition some day. It provides all of the basic information one needs to move down that path.  There is an interesting chapter on fencing and information processing. It discussed the concepts of stimulus detection, differentiation, recognition and identification. Stimulus detection is the perceptual moment when a stimulus occurs (i.e. opponent’s movement).   Differentiation is the understanding of the different types of stimulus (i.e.

Wine Review: Stella Rosa 1917 Imported Wine

The song is entitled "Sparkling Sunrise". Composed by Dr. Murad Abel Picture Stella Rosa 1917 Rose (Rosa) wine is one of the earliest forms of wine in which grape skins are left in contact with the juice long enough to give it color and then are removed before the fermentation process. The far majority of ancient wines were made in this simple method making ancient wine very different than that of today. At present the majority of wines are hard full red wines. After WWII the Portuguese began to market sparkling Rosa wines to the U.S. and Europe. Rosa wines are much lighter than their red wine cousins. They are often served in spring and summer while full red wines are served in fall and winter. Most of the time they are served chilled that makes them refreshing in warmer days. As a light type of sweet red wine they can handle both steak and seafood appropriately. It also works well with cheese and spicy foods. Any wine enthusiast should have a bottle or two in

Human Skull Confuses Scientists 1.8 Million Years Old

Artwork and Music Played by Dr. Murad Abel Variations of five 1.8 million-year-old sculls found in Dmanisi, Georgia indicate that there may not have been multiple forms of humans before the modern era. This flies in the face of other researchers who believe that there are other members of the hominid family such as homo erectus, homo habilis, and homo rudolfensis.  What makes the finding unique is that all five were found together with distinct variations that fit within other species. The findings of the skull are new but the town of Damanisi was already discovered as an ancient site that contained bones and extinct species. There have been numerous archeological works in the area to uncover its history which dates back to the beginnings of European civilization. History seems to come together in this location from many hundreds of generations. One of the skulls is of particular importance as its jaw was found in 2000 and was larger than those found in other disco