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Wine Review: El Coto Rioja

El Coto Rioja is a Rose Wine imported from Spain. It uses Grenache and Tempranillo Grapes harvested in the higher altitudes of the Alavesa district. The result is a clean and dry rose. Pinkish by color and slightly acidy by taste. It is a little dry. A great wine for a summer BBQ or offered with a cheese snack. The wine is grown on five hundred hectares of mostly clay, sand and limestone near the Najerilla River. The wine is then processed and stored in American oak barrels which heighten its quality.  Growing wine in clay soils leaves a higher mineral content to the vine but also impacts the ripening time. Rose wine is created from removing the stems and then placing the grapes within the water. The longer the grapes sit within water the more dark the color of the wine becomes. Rose is one of the easiest wines to produce. Because of the light flavoring of the rose it goes with many types of foods ranging from Seafood to Lamb. Expect to pay about $10 per bottle. Imp

Wine Review: Stella Rosa 1917 Imported Wine

The song is entitled "Sparkling Sunrise". Composed by Dr. Murad Abel Picture Stella Rosa 1917 Rose (Rosa) wine is one of the earliest forms of wine in which grape skins are left in contact with the juice long enough to give it color and then are removed before the fermentation process. The far majority of ancient wines were made in this simple method making ancient wine very different than that of today. At present the majority of wines are hard full red wines. After WWII the Portuguese began to market sparkling Rosa wines to the U.S. and Europe. Rosa wines are much lighter than their red wine cousins. They are often served in spring and summer while full red wines are served in fall and winter. Most of the time they are served chilled that makes them refreshing in warmer days. As a light type of sweet red wine they can handle both steak and seafood appropriately. It also works well with cheese and spicy foods. Any wine enthusiast should have a bottle or two in