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Book Review: Modern Saber Fencing

Song: I know where I am going Modern Saber Fencing by Zbigniew Borysiuk moves into great depth about the sport of saber. It provides a discussion of fencing history, electronic scoring, modern saber, fencing nutrition, research on fencing, fencing talent, diagnostic tools, reaction, and information processing. The book offers scientific knowledge of fencing and has been reviewed by doctors and Olympic coaches to bring cutting edge information to the sport. It is a great book for those who may want to take their fencing from recreation to competition some day. It provides all of the basic information one needs to move down that path.  There is an interesting chapter on fencing and information processing. It discussed the concepts of stimulus detection, differentiation, recognition and identification. Stimulus detection is the perceptual moment when a stimulus occurs (i.e. opponent’s movement).   Differentiation is the understanding of the different types of stimulus (i.e.