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The Powers of Flowers: Stress, Image, and Brain Improvements

Flowers are drawn with nature's artistic hand across a landscape canvas. With bright colors flowers offer something more than a beautiful landscape but a tantalizing feast for our eyes and food for our soul. There is something inherent in flowers that brighten our day and help us think about how beautiful the wild can really be. Flowers are a powerful representation of emotion and beauty. They are so powerful that those who hold onto a bunch of flowers seem to have a positive aura about them. Consider a study of male and female hitchhikers holding onto flowers. Men holding flowers got a ride by both sexes more than either women with or without flowers (Gueguen, Meineri & Stefan, 2012). Flowers seem to make us more approachable and provide a trait of aesthetic appreciation. Those that can find beauty in this world seem to carry with them traits that include empathy, kindness, and sensitivity. There is no doubt why artists, poets, and painters love flowers. It is also ben

Poem: The Course Bearing Ship

The Arrival of the Pilgrims in Cologne by Vittore Carpaccio

The Arrival of the Pilgrims in Cologne The painting The Arrival of the Pilgrims in Cologne is the seventh painting in the series of Stories from the Legend of St. Ursula. In the painting, you can see one of the ships docked while the other ships of the retinue are still waiting in the bay. You can also see Ursula and Pope Cyriacus and leaning over the ship asking questions of the boatman. Armed guards and lots of activity make their appearance in this busy port. The painter Vittore Carpaccio was born in Venice to a leather merchant. Not much is known about his life other than he painted a number of great works. The Legend of St. Ursula is one of his best works that depicts a story. Each painting marked a particular place and scene in the legend. These types of series paintings would require a number of years of study and research. The paintings depict Ursula who was a 5 th century daughter of an English King. According to the legend, a Hun king asked for the hand of Ursu