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Poem: Pillars of Blue

 Poem: Pillars of Blue Bright ocean view, From a rocky pew. Dancing foamy air, We sit as a pair.  Holding hands into the night, Until the horizon is out of sight.  Poems are short stories that express a single thought or idea. This poem discusses the simplest things in life and their importance. We sometimes forget how life is only a flash in the greater universe. Many of the things we chase seem so important but are useless at the end of the day.  I have met many people who have maxed out their credit cards, bought huge houses they didn't need, clothing they couldn't afford, and jewelry that decorates their outward beauty. Even though these items enhance our lives  they are not truly part of our very existence as a people. The best things in life are free. 

Peom: The Island of Axis Mundi

The Island of Axis Mundi It is there just beyond the ocean waves, An island of refuge from the sea. An oasis of sun light stardust, A clumping of lush green.  Only a few sailors landed on this ocean oasis, The Axis Mundi where no map can lead. A place between heaven and earth, Somewhere far in the sea but just beyond the ocean crest. A point to see the world from new light,  Upon the branches, trunks and roots that tie it together. The Hawk

Sunday Morning Sunrise and Sunset in San Diego

By Murad Abel San Diego has been considered a beach goers paradise for a long time and attracts a motivated crew of followers. With its warm beaches and surf friendly waves few can deny the tropical benefits of living locally. Above all the positive things one could say about San Diego one cannot argue with the beauty of the rocky hills, cliffs, oceans, beaches, and mountains. Almost no place on earth can beat the sunrises and sunsets. If you have ever sat on the beach in the early evening after frequenting one of the many restaurants you will know what I mean. The weather will be in the mid 60's as the sun makes it way past the horizon. The smell of the ocean seaweed and the sound of the gulls will be apparent as the sun pulls its cover for one more night. To commemorate the event I like to write poems or paint pictures. I believe it is important to keep in touch with one's artistic side and expression of life to ensure that we stay grounded to some of the more importa

Poem: The Course Bearing Ship