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Peom: The Island of Axis Mundi

by Dr. Murad Abel The Island of Axis Mundi It is there just beyond the ocean waves, An island of refuge from the sea. An oasis of sun light stardust, A clumping of lush green.  Only a few sailors landed on this ocean oasis, The Axis Mundi where no map can lead. A place between heaven and earth, Somewhere far in the sea but just beyond the ocean crest. A point to see the world from new light,  Upon the branches, trunks and roots that tie it together.

Volleyball as a Fun and Fitness Sport

Volleyball is one of those popular past time sports that can improve coordination, health, and strength while still having fun.   Engaging in volleyball on a regular basis helps to significantly improve your overall fitness without engaging in routine activity. Jumping, bumping, setting, diving, spiking all contribute a coordinate body that can adjust, shift and move to keep a ball in the air.  Coordination: It takes time to build the coordination to play volleyball well. At first you will notice that the ball you hit doesn’t move in the direction intended. Over time and with continuous practice you will get better and so will your overall coordination as you learn to connect mind and body into a coordinated activity. Weight loss:   A 155 lb. person who engages in beach volleyball for a half hour will burn 298 calories versus 149 for jogging ( 1 ). Volleyball is one of the most intensive sports that requires significant amount of energy to ensure to keep a ball in play.