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Me-conomics: Man continuously seeks to determine meaning in his life. The very way he views himself and the world impacts his ability to successfully navigate both life and the economic environment. Me-conomics offers practical advice for those who desire to improve organizational performance through understanding how to encourage highly innovative, satisfied and motivated employees by understanding their vantage points.

Within the Book You Can Find the Following:
-Economic Theory
-Organizational Development
-Management Tips

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I-conomics discusses the science behind strategy and leadership and how this influences the environment. Successful organizations and leaders will need to develop sound strategic approaches and rally support for their chosen paths if organizational and economic transformation will be possible.


Other Scholarly Works

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Abel, M. (2011). A phenomenological study of employment discrimination and Iraqi American Muslims in the Detroit Area. Full research dissertation. 

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Free Resources:
This section contains free resources and books for academic and research purposes. 

Book: Scale Development by DeVellis (2nd Edition) 
Digital Resources for Researchers 
Article on Research Validity 
Education at a Glance OECD 
Free Copy of STATA Statistical Software 
Free VassarStats
Free Minitab Stats Software
Social Network for Scientists-Research Gate 
Emerald Research Insight
Bigger Brains
Digital Resource Tools
Research Blog Posts
Blogging and Research
List of Various Scientist Collaboration Sites
Research Blogging 
JSTOR-Can Sign Up to Read Free 
Getting Start in Pedagogical Research 
Education Dive-Social Networking  
Grammerly-Instant Grammar Checker 
Open Access Journals 
Video on Humanizing Your Online Classes 
Research Gate-Making Research Public 
Luna Picture Editor 
Build A Slideshare Presentation 
Quicky Paint 
EWC Presenter 
Pic Monkey 
Phase It Bubble Picture 
Drop Box-Document Sharing 
One Drive Document Sharing 
WikiMedia Commons-Free Pics

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