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Teaching Business Graduates to Apply Theory

Students enter graduate school with an abundance of hopes and enthusiasm to transform themselves into the next guru CEO that transforms companies to great profit. Sometimes that enthusiasm dissipates when they realize the equally abundant amount of work that is necessary to learn the skills needed to achieve that success. The ability of students to understand higher levels of theoretical material and apply that material to solve important problems for “real world” performance is beneficial for life success.   Graduates who know how to understand theory and apply it are worth more than those who cannot. It is through this application that theoretical models are adjusted to working models that adequately function within the business world. When theories are adjusted and refined they provide a level of feedback that helps to ensure the theory continues to adjust to a more practical end. The development and attempted application of theory is part of the process of business devel

Book Review: Brilliant Blunders by Mario Livio

Science is not as concrete as we believe it to be. What we know today as fact was once only theory. Only through the evaluation of those premises, conclusions, and so called “facts” can society continue to develop its scientific beliefs. Brilliant Blunders highlights those major miscalculations by great scientific thinkers that led to other discoveries and truths even though that was not the scientist’s intention. Let us consider Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity that proposes objects move in relation to each other in time creating the space-time continuum that still holds true today. He also proposed a concept called dark energy. He later removed the theory calling it a mistake. A problem resulted when other researchers confirmed that it actually exists. NASA currently believes that dark energy constitutes most of our universe and Einstein was right. Science is on its own continuum of development. Mistakes are rarely accidental and require significant learned skil

Are all Businesspeople Artists?

Art and business are often seen as two radically different fields that appear on the surface to have very little in common with each other. Art is for the romantic while business is for the realist. Art is a dreamer’s occupation and business is for the hard-nosed adherent to the facts of life. This artificial mental barrier may not be true as we think for art and business are integrally tied to the ability to see possibilities.   There are obvious connections between the two once we start digging into the nitty gritty of their existence. For example, in marketing business requires the use of art to create stories, messages, and themes. It would be difficult to attract new customers in an atmosphere of marketing fatigue unless you are willing to do something unique. Most of us remember the really creative commercials that take into consideration visual artistic design.  Let us move a little deeper into the use of art and business for product development. Successful busin