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Leading the Pack With Your Unique Skills!

Each person is born with certain innate skills and abilities that help hem survive in the world. Cultures may determine which skills are rewarded and which are not. Exposure and discovery of our skills is half the battle while the enhancement of such skills is another. If you want to be successful consider finding what makes you unique and capitalize on them. Most people are creatures of the herd which means they follow each other in fashion, work, mannerisms, and ideas. This is great for social cohesion but not so great if you want to break out of the mold and do something unique. To move beyond the herd requires doing something new that others might not even consider. Those skills you are born with will naturally have an impact on what things you are good at. Sometimes you can find a match in life and employment. For example, a person who is strong at calculating numbers would make a great accountant, scientist, or mathematician. Another person who is strong at creative writing

Are Millennials Becoming Known as “Generation Unemployed”?

A growing crisis is unfolding among Millennials worldwide that could someday have an impact on international business. That is at least according to The Ground Truth Project that includes 21 fellows reporting from 11 countries. Global youth unemployment and few opportunities for training new skills are rising across the world.   Where these Millennials seem to be lacking in opportunity they are also trying to create their own avenues through entrepreneurship.  They have been nicknamed “Generation Jobless” because they are unemployed and not enrolled in some type of formal schooling. They could someday be the chronically unemployed class of people who are not, or cannot seek, to improve their positions in life through formal channels. This makes them more likely to use alternative paths to achievement.  Nearly a quarter of the world’s 15-24 year-olds are seriously struggling to meet the day-to-day needs of buying food, affording a place to stay or attending trade/formal pos

Teaching Business Graduates to Apply Theory

Students enter graduate school with an abundance of hopes and enthusiasm to transform themselves into the next guru CEO that transforms companies to great profit. Sometimes that enthusiasm dissipates when they realize the equally abundant amount of work that is necessary to learn the skills needed to achieve that success. The ability of students to understand higher levels of theoretical material and apply that material to solve important problems for “real world” performance is beneficial for life success.   Graduates who know how to understand theory and apply it are worth more than those who cannot. It is through this application that theoretical models are adjusted to working models that adequately function within the business world. When theories are adjusted and refined they provide a level of feedback that helps to ensure the theory continues to adjust to a more practical end. The development and attempted application of theory is part of the process of business devel

The Skills that Lead to Employment in Undergraduate Online Education

In higher education employability has come to the forefront of the debate. Arguments revolve around graduate success in finding employment.   Research by Silva, et. al (2013) helps highlight which skills seem to encourage employability in the market based upon the perceptions of students and teachers at a public university that offers online classes. The report indicates that the societal function of higher education is to encourage the highest employment readiness but cannot determine actual employment itself which is dependent on market factors.  The study was based upon perceptions of employment skills needed for successfully navigating the market. Research subjects were drawn from an online learning center from the Universidade Alberta to help determine the most important employment skills and those skills to be developed in the online undergraduate system.  It is beneficial to understand what the purpose of higher education is within society. Knowing how higher educ

Developing Business Education for Economic Growth

Education has an important role in developing people and nations to higher levels of performance. Business education is a fundamental component of fostering stronger economic performance. A paper by Ugwuog, et. al. (2013) explores how education is beneficial for national development and offers a few tips for colleges to improve upon their teaching activities.  In general terms, education can be broadly defined as acquiring the physical and social skills needed to function within their birth society. The type of education depends on the society in which one exists. In ancient times this may have occurred informally under a tree while in modern times it could include online classrooms. Because education improves upon people’s abilities it is considered an investment. The central place of education is to recognize its capital investment in people (Francis & Hezel, 1974). An investment may improve performance but also raise costs which makes strong business curriculum ad