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Recruiting Business Executives the Military Way!

The military has always fascinated me in terms of how they train leaders to make their way through challenging situations where most of us would not be able to follow . Both business and military leaders share similarities that can provide us with a better understanding of the skills needed to influence people . Marrying the two approaches creates a better executive selection process that can pay companies dividends when these leaders mature . We must first accept that leadership is not for everyone and those who are sometimes seen as leaders are not always the best candidates . For example , self-interested personalities sometimes rise to the top but their level of leadership wanes when they seek supporters who will need to sacrifice. In my experience , the more demanding and pushy a person is, the less likely they will be able to manage large groups . On the other hand , a follower could

The Benefits and Detractors of Working for a Temp Agency

Temporary agencies are an important part of gaining experience and provide opportunities for employment that may have not been available otherwise. Temporary agencies offer short-term and recruitment level staffing for organizations that are growing but do not want to hire permanent full-time employees. It offers organizations flexibility in ensuring the company has the necessary skills and abilities without making a long-term commitment. There are a few benefits and detractors job seekers should consider before joining a temp agency. No Benefits  Temporary work doesn’t come with the benefits you would find in full-time employment positions. With the advent of Obamacare such workers can opt to secure their own insurance but there is no obligation for the employer to offer such insurance as most assignments are under the required amount of hours that make them full-time.  Gaining Needed Experience Despite not having insurance employees that have minimal experience i

Why are American’s Quitting Their Jobs?

According to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics 57.5% of people who left their jobs did so under their own free will. A total of 5.03 million employees were added which boosted the hiring rate to 3.6%. At the same time 2.75 million people resigned in September with a quit rate of 2%. Make no mistake, the job market is heating up and employees are finding options that were not available to them a few years ago. When the economy is poor and employment prospects are low employees naturally stay in their jobs for fear that they will not be successful in securing new employment. Likewise, there may be an abundance of people seeking the same position which raises the stakes when attempting to jump ship. It is often wiser to stay where you are at until things get better. At present the amount of people seeking the same position are 2 to 1. Those are pretty good odds for people who want to beat out the competition. When those odds are 3 or 4 to 1 that makes uncertainty higher. Wh

Can Small Businesses Use Size as a Recruitment Strategy?

Recruitment and employee loyalty are an important functions in any business but can make or break a small businesses. For smaller firms a few bad hires can really cause financial havoc. Not only is there lost time and money expended on poor hiring practices but also the cost of training. A paper by Allen, Erickson and Collins (2013) delves into the importance of developing employee commitment as it relates to revenue growth and firm performance.  One of the very first criteria is that leadership must have a solid vision of the organization. Without a solid vision the overall hiring processes and the type of recruit will naturally be misaligned. Recruitment starts with knowing the type of person needed, their skill set and how that position will help achieve the organizational vision.  It is often assumed that prestige and money are the most important factor in recruiting high quality employees and helping ensure they are retained for a significant period of time. Sometim