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Recruiting Business Executives the Military Way!

The military has always fascinated me in terms of how they train leaders to make their way through challenging situations where most of us would not be able to follow . Both business and military leaders share similarities that can provide us with a better understanding of the skills needed to influence people . Marrying the two approaches creates a better executive selection process that can pay companies dividends when these leaders mature . We must first accept that leadership is not for everyone and those who are sometimes seen as leaders are not always the best candidates . For example , self-interested personalities sometimes rise to the top but their level of leadership wanes when they seek supporters who will need to sacrifice. In my experience , the more demanding and pushy a person is, the less likely they will be able to manage large groups . On the other hand , a follower could

Learning the Skills that Match San Diego's Employment Needs

San Diego is a hot and trendy place these days (no pun intended) and draws a lot of motivated young people soaking up good times and seeking exciting employment opportunities. Many of these young people come from different places of the country and the world and have decided to place a shingle on San Diego's coastline. Ensuring that they have the "right skills" to succeed on the local market and feed growing local businesses is important for regional development. The beauty of young people is that they are motivated and adaptable. A company could take in a fresh face and over time train them to successfully navigate their work environment. Corporate training can instill new knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA's) to ensure they can operate, build and/or sell new products/services. Young people seeking careers are willing receptors for knowledge. Outside of corporate training students may come with a college degree that certifies that a level of knowledge has bee