Monday, December 29, 2014

The Benefits and Detractors of Working for a Temp Agency

Temporary agencies are an important part of gaining experience and provide opportunities for employment that may have not been available otherwise. Temporary agencies offer short-term and recruitment level staffing for organizations that are growing but do not want to hire permanent full-time employees. It offers organizations flexibility in ensuring the company has the necessary skills and abilities without making a long-term commitment. There are a few benefits and detractors job seekers should consider before joining a temp agency.

No Benefits 

Temporary work doesn’t come with the benefits you would find in full-time employment positions. With the advent of Obamacare such workers can opt to secure their own insurance but there is no obligation for the employer to offer such insurance as most assignments are under the required amount of hours that make them full-time. 

Gaining Needed Experience

Despite not having insurance employees that have minimal experience in a particular field may still want to find employment through a temp agency as the shorter assignments can offer a better opportunity to gain needed experience. Within a few short years you can be exposed to a wide variety of work environments and methodologies making it more likely to find full-time employment. 

Lack of Employer Investment

One of the reasons why agencies temporary agencies work for entry-level employees is because they offer a wide level of experience but not deeper levels of experience needed by seasoned professionals.  Companies are not going to spend much on training temporary workers on new software, systems, and skills making such positions limited beyond a few short years. If you want to progress in your career you will eventually need to find a permanent placement. 

Finding a Right Fit

At times employers may hire a temporary worker if they feel the employee matches the company’s needs. A temp position can act as a trial period for both the employee and the employer who want to determine whether or not a future match can be made. Such positions can be on trial for 6-12 months. 

Few Worker Rights

Even though every employer should follow certain moral and legal standards the use of temp agencies help to skirt some of those obligations.  Because employees are contract workers it is not necessary to inform the temp agency why you want someone removed from the workplace. A phone can is all that is needed to get a new worker and this opens employees up to a whole range of abuse from discrimination to retaliation. 

Working for a temp agency is a mixed bag but does offer some possibilities for entry-level employees to gain new experiences and basic industry skills to obtain more permanent employment.  Companies use such agencies to grow their business without having a long-term commitment and temp workers should understand that the majority of assignments will not lead to employment offers.  Such workers should be aware that temp work should be just that, temporary work, and offers short-term employment solutions.

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