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What Your Car Says About You?

Cars have personalities in the same way we have personalities. Cars are designed to appeal to particular demographics and seek to emulate the characters of their target market in their design. This is one reason your personal image becomes associated with the type of car you drive and the items you buy. To the outside world, your car becomes an extension of yourself. There is brand personality and consumer personality. Brand personalities are those values a brand image symbolizes. Brand personalities revolve around personas of excitement, sincerity, ruggedness, competence and sophistication.  When there is mutuality between consumer personality and brand personality the car is said to “suit you." People with particular personalities are attracted to products with similar personalities (Seimiene, 2012). If you see yourself as a cowboy chances are you will walk past the smart cars and head straight over to the 4X4s. Your idea of fun may look more like “mudding” with Garth Broo

Are Companies Seeking Marketing Graduates with a Global Perspective?

Sales management is an important skill in a global community where products buzz world round in only a few days. Executives are having a hard time finding college graduates that have sufficient skill to compete for top sales positions. The demand for sales professionals has outpaced supply at colleges. A study by Deeter-Schmelz & Kennedy discusses their findings of why business colleges are having such a hard time filling this need (2011).  Few studies have explored why colleges are not graduating a sufficient supply of college prepared sales professionals that can step into a more complex world. Problems span an array of issues ranging from the changing nature of sales management in a larger world to a lack of preparedness of professors. Their paper focuses on the assessment of the state of sales education in a global business environment.  Marketing has changed over the past decade becoming more complex with high technology functionality. There are hundreds of way

The Nature of Marketing and Marketing Management

At the center of all business is the concept of exchange. Just like when early American traders provided fish in exchange for imported supplies the process of exchanging a value-laden thing (i.e. product or service) for another value-laden thing (i.e. money) still continues on today. It is the process of exchanging something of value for something else of value. Each product or service represents a component of effort, often measured in terms of money, to determine the value of this exchange.   The goal of any company should be to sell additional products or services by ensuring the awareness of its perceived and tangible value to the customer. Marketing is all about the selling of value. The American Marketing Association clarifies the value exchange of marketing management as “a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders” (2011). Marketing i