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Starbucks Blazes New Trails With Coffee Delivery Service

Starbucks recently announced they will be offering delivery services for their food and beverage items in select locations. To date, details about where products can be delivered, its costs, and how it is going to function have been withheld. Experts are confused as to how any company could offer low cost personalized differences. They do seem to agree that if it works Starbucks will be blazing some new trails in logistics that will be adopted by others. I congratulate Starbucks on creating buzz in the market because there will be a lot of companies watching how they are effectively going to do this on low value purchases.   The media is ablaze about the development and its implications on e-commerce. Uniquely Starbucks is taking sales and delivery down to a micro level not yet seen on a large scale.  Starbucks is trend setting by not only offering deliveries, but also providing pre-order cellphone applications that customers can pick up later. No one wants to wait in a

Designing Websites to Capture Global Customers

Designing and developing websites that reach out and spark the interest of multiple cultures is difficult. Because a website is the online “face” of an organization and regularly conducts e-commerce activities it is important to build sites that are both functional and effective. Research by Dr. Kirk St. Amant examines culture, website design and the international spread of online access for businesses that want to polish their global business designs.  Cultures have an impact on how users frequent and interact with website elements. It is often beneficial to use local administers with key cultural knowledge to evaluate websites (Esselink, 2000). Providing materials, information, e-commerce, and page navigation through the eyes of the target culture can raise overall conversion rates and sales.  According to World Internet Stats in 2012 there were approximately 2.4 billion Internet users with a market penetration of 34.3% (Internet Users in the World, 2012). Growth betwe

Call for Papers: The Center for Innovations in Business & Management Practice

Date: May 27, 2014 – May 28, 2014 UK: London The annual conference on Innovations in Business and Management will take place at the Univeristy of Greenwich, London, UK from May 27-28, 2014. The conference is dedicated to research and best practice within the business and management areas.  The call for papers is now open.  The conference offers researchers a chance to present their work in all areas of business and management. The annual conference is a place for researchers, academics, and practitioners alike to come together and share their knowledge, research and best practices.  The conference is open to all areas of business and management, including but not limited to:  Business, Management, Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Information Technology Management, Operations Management, Information Systems, Economics, Electronic Commerce, etc. Website

E-Satisfaction and Social Interaction Create E-Loyalty

Retailers and service providers are moving online in an attempt to raise their financial performance. The online world has some different methods of marketing that help to retain customers. In the online world where there are low switching costs companies will need to spend a greater portion of their efforts on customer retention.   A study by Christodoulides and Michaelidou (2011) helps better understand what companies must do to create e-satisfaction and e-loyalty.  Companies spend nearly double the amount of their budgets on new customer acquisition while spending half that amount retaining existing customers (Forrester Research, 2008). As a general rule, the cost of gaining new customers is about five times the cost of retaining current customers (Strauss, et. al. 2006).   The existing customers have long tail value and should receive greater emphasis in future strategic considerations.  How e-companies retain their customers is an important consideration for boosting