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Online Dissertation Chair

Immediate need for part-time, online instructors for Dissertation Chair Essential job duties, responsibilities & expectations: Manage dissertation committee members and methodologists Provide oversight to the doctoral learner and the required dissertation processes and procedures Support processes and procedures for providing quality dissertations Facilitate the IRB process supporting doctoral learner research Maintain records and updates as required by the college for each learner, including the dissertation management system Qualifications: Doctorate degree from a regionally accredited institution At least three years of post-doctorate experience in higher education Demonstrated experience supervising and mentoring doctoral students Demonstrated research design and methodology experience Publication record of at least three non-dissertation articles in peer-reviewed journals Academic con

E-Satisfaction and Social Interaction Create E-Loyalty

Retailers and service providers are moving online in an attempt to raise their financial performance. The online world has some different methods of marketing that help to retain customers. In the online world where there are low switching costs companies will need to spend a greater portion of their efforts on customer retention.   A study by Christodoulides and Michaelidou (2011) helps better understand what companies must do to create e-satisfaction and e-loyalty.  Companies spend nearly double the amount of their budgets on new customer acquisition while spending half that amount retaining existing customers (Forrester Research, 2008). As a general rule, the cost of gaining new customers is about five times the cost of retaining current customers (Strauss, et. al. 2006).   The existing customers have long tail value and should receive greater emphasis in future strategic considerations.  How e-companies retain their customers is an important consideration for boosting

The Improvement of Online International Business Education

A phenomenological study conducted in 2010 by Dr. Pimpa from RMIT University in Australia helps in identifying ways to improve online education.   The report argues that online education has immense possibilities for business, management and finance education. There are some needed adjustments that include being selection of materials, integrating programming, using strong platforms, and resource allocation. The purpose of his studies was to explore the issues of engagement in online education with international students.  The study used a qualitative semi-structured interview format with 27 undergraduate accounting, finance and international business. The small sample has some limitations in larger generalizations but does find potential opportunities to explore in greater depth. The study looked at similarities and differences with students and then used those results to discuss the findings with professionals in the field.  In general, the results found that the person