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Starbucks Blazes New Trails With Coffee Delivery Service

Starbucks recently announced they will be offering delivery services for their food and beverage items in select locations. To date, details about where products can be delivered, its costs, and how it is going to function have been withheld. Experts are confused as to how any company could offer low cost personalized differences. They do seem to agree that if it works Starbucks will be blazing some new trails in logistics that will be adopted by others. I congratulate Starbucks on creating buzz in the market because there will be a lot of companies watching how they are effectively going to do this on low value purchases.   The media is ablaze about the development and its implications on e-commerce. Uniquely Starbucks is taking sales and delivery down to a micro level not yet seen on a large scale.  Starbucks is trend setting by not only offering deliveries, but also providing pre-order cellphone applications that customers can pick up later. No one wants to wait in a

Starbucks Adjusts Cup Recycling Goals

Americans love their coffee to go and enjoy the convenience of a drive thru or lightening speed service at their local coffee shop. Convenience comes with a cost as those paper cups make their way into a trash can and eventually to a landfill creating mountains of garbage that accumulates over time. Starbucks is attempting to reduce those costs by offering discounts for personal tumblers and selling their own plastic cup for $1. Even though they had a lofty goal of 25% of all coffee served in plastic reusable containers by 2015 they failed to meet it. Despite missing the mark they did save 2% of all purchases (34 million times) through customers that used reusable containers. This is a total of 1.5 million pounds of waste.  Their adjusted goal is to have 5% of all coffee served in reusable containers by 2015. Discounts are helpful in bringing this goal to fruition. Starbucks offers a 10 cent discount every time a customer brings in a reusable cup. Purchasing the plastic

Bruegger's Bakery and Starbucks on the Coast in Del Mar

In Del Mar on the main strip of Camino Del Mar are two coffee houses connected together into one convenient location. Bruegger’s Bagels and Starbucks share a store front with an excess of patio space. Of course, each provides Internet access and plenty of indoor seating. The advantage of the two shops working in tandem is that one provides New York Style Bagels and the other some of the most famous coffee in the world. It is a busy place and there is generally a consistent line that may take you a few minutes to get through.   Mornings appear to be the busiest time of the day which tappers off by the afternoon. Bruegger’s Bakery started as an ethnic and specialty food shop in New York. Through perfecting the bagel, they have now expanded to 300 stores in 26 states. They are a casual bagel shop that allows for sitting, lounging, coffee, lunch, and Internet browsing. Most items on the menu are under $6.00 dollars and one can hope to get a sandwich and coffee for under $10. Y