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Starbucks Adjusts Cup Recycling Goals

Americans love their coffee to go and enjoy the convenience of a drive thru or lightening speed service at their local coffee shop. Convenience comes with a cost as those paper cups make their way into a trash can and eventually to a landfill creating mountains of garbage that accumulates over time. Starbucks is attempting to reduce those costs by offering discounts for personal tumblers and selling their own plastic cup for $1. Even though they had a lofty goal of 25% of all coffee served in plastic reusable containers by 2015 they failed to meet it. Despite missing the mark they did save 2% of all purchases (34 million times) through customers that used reusable containers. This is a total of 1.5 million pounds of waste.  Their adjusted goal is to have 5% of all coffee served in reusable containers by 2015. Discounts are helpful in bringing this goal to fruition. Starbucks offers a 10 cent discount every time a customer brings in a reusable cup. Purchasing the plastic