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"Art in Bloom" Show Brightens Usable Space

Two of nature’s most profound forms of expression came together during the July 18 th to July 20 th Art in Bloom show at The Spanish Village. The presentation matched floral arrangements with paintings to create a masterful display of coordinated color. Each artist attempted to make a connection between the two formats to brighten your home and better manage open space. Prices were reasonable and focused on middle class buyers. The color combinations chosen will naturally impact ascetic appearance and mood. For example, a study by Yildirim, et. al. (2011) found that changing colors to warm, cool, or achromatic colors also changed a person’s mood. Warm colors bring higher states of arousal, cool colors bring restful feelings and achromatic colors foster peaceful emotions.   Art in Bloom offered colored combinations across all three color schematics. The same concepts that apply to one's home can also apply to a business lobby, conference room, meeting room, or any o

Free Verse Poetry-A Slow Rivers Edge

A Slow Rivers Edge Purchase Art Dr. Murad Abel fingers of running blue softly inch the landscape drawing forth life like a mystic’s finger upwards life reaches into the daytime air soft swirling pools of water   bring cool current to dipping toes leaves, twigs, and sediment trail round tree tops glisten against the sun as the leaves sway in amusement each together in skyline dance bridge to nowhere solid and strong a bracket on earth sit upon a tree trunk   gaze into the horizon hours of long pauses the day is as slow as silent until shadows reach to the watery edge time is only turning of day to night Dr. Murad Abel Poetry is something that has existed as long as man could formulate a sentence. In many cases poems became stories or epics that passed values, beliefs and culture. Free verse poetry is seen as something new but has been around for a few centuries with a more recent renewal. Free verse poetry offers an oppo

Coastal Strolls

Coastal living is different than what you might experience in other places of the world. The air is sweet and salty and the waves make background noise that eventually moves its way into the background of your awareness after a half hour or so. Visitors stroll the coastal area to keep themselves busy exploring both the businesses and the sights. In San Diego there are many coves and inlets that rise up like towers from the ocean floor. Birds of varying species hang off cliffs making nests and scanning food. They have become accustomed to the tourists and keep only a few arms lengths distance.  Sand trails and walking bridges connect each of the peninsulas together. Visitors can find a smooth walk in search of sea lions, gazing at the ocean or watching kayaks paddle their way into the bay. Mostly people just like the breeze and weather which is more than a few degrees cooler on the coast than inland.  Unique restaurants dot the area. They range from eclectic seaside cra

57 Degrees Wine Bar in San Diego

The 57 Degrees Wine Bar, located in Mission Hills, of San Diego provides a relaxing and eclectic environment to search out those wines that suit your fancy.   With over 16,000 square feet of space, it hosts a wine retail store, a wine storage facility, wine bar and numerous events.   At the time of attendance, an art program was underway through one of the local social networks creating a more inviting environment.   The wine retail section carries both domestic and important wines. The range can be anywhere from under $20 to over a few thousand dollars a bottle. There is lots of variety for those who have various degrees of interest and resources to try out new blends. If you are planning an event and need to store your purchases there is up to 600,000-bottle storage facility for your needs.   The store also holds a wine club on the 14 th of each month. Membership is $29.95 per month paid on a monthly basis. Members will receive one red wine and one white bottle of win