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Poem: Watery Lights


Free Verse Poetry-A Slow Rivers Edge

A Slow Rivers Edge Purchase Art Dr. Murad Abel fingers of running blue softly inch the landscape drawing forth life like a mystic’s finger upwards life reaches into the daytime air soft swirling pools of water   bring cool current to dipping toes leaves, twigs, and sediment trail round tree tops glisten against the sun as the leaves sway in amusement each together in skyline dance bridge to nowhere solid and strong a bracket on earth sit upon a tree trunk   gaze into the horizon hours of long pauses the day is as slow as silent until shadows reach to the watery edge time is only turning of day to night Dr. Murad Abel Poetry is something that has existed as long as man could formulate a sentence. In many cases poems became stories or epics that passed values, beliefs and culture. Free verse poetry is seen as something new but has been around for a few centuries with a more recent renewal. Free verse poetry offers an oppo

Free Verse Poem: The Providing Tree

Title: The Providing Tree The tree anchors the soil to the earth, It is a home to many and shelter to some. Creatures find their sustenance in its reach, Leaves, branches, roots and bark makes their den. Each finds their use for the branches held high. Taking refuge in the umbrella of the tree’s time. It is the blanket that keeps the earth warm, The fan that keeps it cool. It maintains sturdy course, bracing high and low. Dr. Murad Abel Free verse poetry does not have the rhythm or meter like other poetry. However, one can argue that free verse is not completely free. It does have some level of comma use, word choice, and themes that give it a structure. The free versus is meant to tell more of a story than it is to delight in rhythm and rhyme. Other examples of free versus may be found in Walt Whitman’s work where commas and words create natural pause. The writer seeks to connect images in the readers mind. They do this through the specific choic