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Free Verse Poetry-A Slow Rivers Edge

A Slow Rivers Edge Purchase Art Dr. Murad Abel fingers of running blue softly inch the landscape drawing forth life like a mystic’s finger upwards life reaches into the daytime air soft swirling pools of water   bring cool current to dipping toes leaves, twigs, and sediment trail round tree tops glisten against the sun as the leaves sway in amusement each together in skyline dance bridge to nowhere solid and strong a bracket on earth sit upon a tree trunk   gaze into the horizon hours of long pauses the day is as slow as silent until shadows reach to the watery edge time is only turning of day to night Dr. Murad Abel Poetry is something that has existed as long as man could formulate a sentence. In many cases poems became stories or epics that passed values, beliefs and culture. Free verse poetry is seen as something new but has been around for a few centuries with a more recent renewal. Free verse poetry offers an oppo

Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh

1888-Starry Night Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh is a depiction of a village in a whistling night. The swirls are designed to ensure the viewers eyes move around the picture and create a point-to-point effect.   It was a surreal painting designed to enhance the overall senses drawn from the picture. He purposely used things like lines where shadows would have been more correct and bright yellow stars where only small figure was needed.  Some have argued that the peaceful village and stormy night are dichotomies. One offers safety and protection with inviting lights in the window. The night is uninviting, interesting, but wholly a wild place. As with all art, there are psychological interpretations that include his feelings and inner conflicts are expressed onto the painting. A few have argued he suffered from lead poisoning changing his perception. The Cyprus brush is right in front of the viewer and sort of distorts the view. Analysts believe that the author is expre