Thursday, May 15, 2014

Free Verse Poetry-A Slow Rivers Edge

A Slow Rivers Edge

Purchase Art Dr. Murad Abel
fingers of running blue
softly inch the landscape
drawing forth life like a mystic’s finger
upwards life reaches into the daytime air

soft swirling pools of water
 bring cool current to dipping toes
leaves, twigs, and sediment trail round

tree tops glisten against the sun
as the leaves sway in amusement
each together in skyline dance

bridge to nowhere
solid and strong
a bracket on earth

sit upon a tree trunk
 gaze into the horizon
hours of long pauses

the day is as slow as silent
until shadows reach to the watery edge
time is only turning of day to night

Dr. Murad Abel

Poetry is something that has existed as long as man could formulate a sentence. In many cases poems became stories or epics that passed values, beliefs and culture. Free verse poetry is seen as something new but has been around for a few centuries with a more recent renewal. Free verse poetry offers an opportunity to write without the strict rules of more academic forms.

Free verse poetry uses figurative language with metaphors, similes, and personification.  They generally have no set meter nor do they need to fit within a particular rhythm scheme.  That doesn’t mean they don’t have rhythm it just means that it isn’t the same throughout the entire poem and may change on a regular basis.

There are many poets out there from professionals to amateurs. In today’s world these poets gather together into online communities and create profiles that help them support and interact with each other. Building an online community based within shared interest also offers opportunities to market relevant products and services.  If you like poetry you may want to check out the free Poetry Soup at

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