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Art Review: Walfrido Garcia and Steve Barton bring Aloha to their 19th Annual Anniversary Show

Art veterans Walfrido Garcia and Steve Barton celebrated their 19 th Annual Anniversary Show at EC Seaport Village Gallery. The artists have built a strong following for their masterful oil paintings in the Aloha style. Beautiful seascape paintings that provide deep feelings of summer beaches and crisp sky’s were on display over the weekend for public viewing. Seaport Village patrons frequented the free gallery throughout the day and soaked up some of San Diego’s cultural benefits. Garcia and Barton have a natural love of the sea and sky and can blend colors to create masterpieces that express the essence of a moment. Garcia begins by painting layer upon layer in an effort to build up his painting to a final perceptual conclusion. He uses the Hawaiian theme to display a side of life that most mainlanders are not accustomed with. Even though Barton has the same love for seascapes there is more of a three dimensional aspect to his work. Many of his paintings include a cot

The Poem "The Secret of the Sea"-A San Diego Boating Experience

Purchase Artwork Dr. Murad Abel Boats have been a fascination for a lot of people throughout history. The boat is the primary long-distance transportation vehicle since the beginning of society. The photographs of boats taken below were from Shelter Island which has a number of nice lookout spots, parks, and other activities.  Perhaps a poem will help you understand the fascination people have with boats and the sea.   The Secret of the Sea by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Ah! what pleasant visions haunt me  As I gaze upon the sea! All the old romantic legends, All my dreams, come back to me. Sails of silk and ropes of sandal, Such as gleam in ancient lore; And the singing of the sailors, And the answer from the shore! Most of all, the Spanish ballad Haunts me oft, and tarries long, Of the noble Count Arnaldos And the sailor's mystic song. Like the long waves on a sea-beach, Where the sand as silver shines, With a soft, monotonous cadence, Flow

The Free Outdoor Art Display in an Oceanside Business Community

Oceanside Museum of Art offers the juried exhibition for public display from February 7 th to May 11 th , 2014. OMA is an organization that fosters the appreciation and understanding of art in society. They provide exhibitions, a marketplace for local artists, and seek to raise awareness of art locally. They have a satellite outdoor display for the public to enjoyment at 2010 Jimmy Durante Blvd. Del Mar, CA 92014. The types of work range from paintings to sculpture. This outdoor display offers some opportunities for public exposure and greater art awareness. Businesses within the complex appreciate the artistic display that adds to the atmosphere and customers are exposed to pieces they may not have been motivated to see in the course of their daily lives. Likewise, the artists have a greater opportunity to sell their work to a wider group of foot traffic. It can be beneficial to see how different businesses may be able to partner with artists to display work and draw m