Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Free Outdoor Art Display in an Oceanside Business Community

Oceanside Museum of Art offers the juried exhibition for public display from February 7th to May 11th, 2014. OMA is an organization that fosters the appreciation and understanding of art in society. They provide exhibitions, a marketplace for local artists, and seek to raise awareness of art locally. They have a satellite outdoor display for the public to enjoyment at 2010 Jimmy Durante Blvd. Del Mar, CA 92014. The types of work range from paintings to sculpture.

This outdoor display offers some opportunities for public exposure and greater art awareness. Businesses within the complex appreciate the artistic display that adds to the atmosphere and customers are exposed to pieces they may not have been motivated to see in the course of their daily lives. Likewise, the artists have a greater opportunity to sell their work to a wider group of foot traffic.

It can be beneficial to see how different businesses may be able to partner with artists to display work and draw more customers. For example, a service business with an unused window display may consider hosting some of the art free while attracting potential customers through eye catching displays. This may lead to increased sales for both types of entities through attraction and interest.

It is also possible to use art pieces to provide more context to their business. For example, a marketing media company may want flashy and bright art that highlights marketplaces, communication, and social interaction. A medical company may desire art that focuses on family, activity, and positive experiences to lower the negative context associated with doctor visits. A gym may want art that focuses on the body and sports to create greater enthusiasm.

As a mission OMA could expose their art to a wider group of people by partnering with these businesses. The average person focuses on family, work, and daily activities must expend a considerable amount of energy to make their way to a specific art show or program. Typically this is left to the art enthusiast. The average person may come to appreciate art in a new way through casual exposure.

Some interesting concepts such as the Retable for Numbers by Susan Osborn for $995 is made of spoons, numbers, and hockey sticks. She uses everyday items to build her masterpiece. This type of work would appeal to your everyday sports enthusiast.  Buga-Boo by Lola Juris for $950 is a watercolor painting that hosts a bug with shadowing. It is an interesting and simple work that may appeal to a naturalist.

Oceanside Museum of Art offers music, exhibitions, lectures, art classes and travel experiences.

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