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Feedback for Delta County Michigan Master Plan-Applying New Economic Theories

Revitalizing and rejuvenating Delta County to align and overcome new challenges presented by COVID and global influences needs new and unique ways of besting market challenges. The Master Plan offers opportunities to create a long-term approach to enhance the local economy and improve local life. I hear people complain about the Master Plan but I can't find a lot of things to argue about. Most of what it says makes sense and in turn will be helpful to the community. More activities, attracting younger people, encouraging different types of housing arrangements, enhance transportation advantages and attracting more industry into the area are all good recommendations! How this is going to occur is a whole different situation! I can't blame them as that requires a lot of time and research. I have a few ideas based on a larger theory I'm working on that could be useful here. If its helpful that is great and if worries. Yet I think that it will be helpful for framing

Art Review: Walfrido Garcia and Steve Barton bring Aloha to their 19th Annual Anniversary Show

Art veterans Walfrido Garcia and Steve Barton celebrated their 19 th Annual Anniversary Show at EC Seaport Village Gallery. The artists have built a strong following for their masterful oil paintings in the Aloha style. Beautiful seascape paintings that provide deep feelings of summer beaches and crisp sky’s were on display over the weekend for public viewing. Seaport Village patrons frequented the free gallery throughout the day and soaked up some of San Diego’s cultural benefits. Garcia and Barton have a natural love of the sea and sky and can blend colors to create masterpieces that express the essence of a moment. Garcia begins by painting layer upon layer in an effort to build up his painting to a final perceptual conclusion. He uses the Hawaiian theme to display a side of life that most mainlanders are not accustomed with. Even though Barton has the same love for seascapes there is more of a three dimensional aspect to his work. Many of his paintings include a cot