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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Coastal Strolls

Photography PrintsCoastal living is different than what you might experience in other places of the world. The air is sweet and salty and the waves make background noise that eventually moves its way into the background of your awareness after a half hour or so. Visitors stroll the coastal area to keep themselves busy exploring both the businesses and the sights.

In San Diego there are many coves and inlets that rise up like towers from the ocean floor. Birds of varying species hang off cliffs making nests and scanning food. They have become accustomed to the tourists and keep only a few arms lengths distance. 

Photography PrintsSand trails and walking bridges connect each of the peninsulas together. Visitors can find a smooth walk in search of sea lions, gazing at the ocean or watching kayaks paddle their way into the bay. Mostly people just like the breeze and weather which is more than a few degrees cooler on the coast than inland. 

Unique restaurants dot the area. They range from eclectic seaside crab shack style all the way to the exclusive fine dining. Some are overlooking the ocean and others are not but each makes their income in some form or another from the sea.