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Games and Cigars at Habanos Lounge in San Diego

As you put your last club into the golf bag and drive the cart back to the club house you and your party decide to get a quick night cap and socialize before heading home. You played a great game of golf and want to make the losers pay up on their debts. Armed with the knowledge that paying a debt today is worth more than paying a debt tomorrow you use friendly jostling to encourage the losing party to buy a round of drinks at Habanos lounge.   Life is about great company and great friends! Nothing like a strong stogie and a sip of whiskey to brighten the early Californian evening. Cigars and spirits are the main offerings at Habanos Lounge in San Diego. If you are not interesting in alcoholic beverages, you may want to opt for a specialty coffee. Located conveniently right off I-5 and I-8 highways and a few miles between Sam Snead All American Golf Course, Mission Bay Park and Balboa park you find the establishment as a convenient location   to meet up after events.  Th

57 Degrees Wine Bar in San Diego

The 57 Degrees Wine Bar, located in Mission Hills, of San Diego provides a relaxing and eclectic environment to search out those wines that suit your fancy.   With over 16,000 square feet of space, it hosts a wine retail store, a wine storage facility, wine bar and numerous events.   At the time of attendance, an art program was underway through one of the local social networks creating a more inviting environment.   The wine retail section carries both domestic and important wines. The range can be anywhere from under $20 to over a few thousand dollars a bottle. There is lots of variety for those who have various degrees of interest and resources to try out new blends. If you are planning an event and need to store your purchases there is up to 600,000-bottle storage facility for your needs.   The store also holds a wine club on the 14 th of each month. Membership is $29.95 per month paid on a monthly basis. Members will receive one red wine and one white bottle of win