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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Humphrys by the Bay-Nights of Harbor Fun!

Humphreys by the Bay is nationally known for its concerts, live music, hotel, and restaurant accommodations. On Shelter Drive in San Diego’s beautiful bay front you can enjoy the sites of the marina while singing and dancing to the music all night long. Ranked four and five stars by hundreds of visitors it is a great place to spend an evening. Either lean back in your chair and enjoy a martini while watching the ships sail through the harbor or put on your dancing shoes and boogie until you drop. At Humphreys the choice is yours! 

Humphreys by the Bay lounge offers live dance music from some of the best artists in the area. With a spacious dance floor, plenty of seating, and walk out deck people come back over and over. The bar is long while the waiting is short. A great combination. Different size tables and chairs are spread throughout the lounge area so both couples and small groups can find seating without much difficulty.

After 10:00 pm the line to enter Humphrey’s becomes long. It typically takes about 30 minutes to enter so don’t expect to walk right in if you wait too late. If you come around 9:00 pm there won’t be much of a problem. Cover charges are $12 and drinks are approximately $6-$10 making them affordable. Marina parking is free in the evening and plentiful around the bay. You may need to walk the parking lot or thin sidewalk on busy nights to get to the entrance.

The bar tenders were friendly and easy to talk with. The facilities appeared clean and well maintained. The music was at an appropriate level even though long drawn out conversation would likely occur on the deck or in the entryway. Ages were generally 35 years and up. Don’t let the ages fool you as this crowd can dance while not bumping or spilling drinks on you.  The management appears to control the capacity so there is just the right amount of people for creature comfort. This improves the perceived values of service.

Rumor has it that if you eat in the restaurant you can walk right into the lounge with no waiting. Humphrey’s services breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Dinner prices are around $25 with small plates for around $15. They offer a large selection of wines that range from $8 a glass to $18 depending on quality and vintage. 

You will have fun at Humphreys and can choose to spend the entire night in the hotel if you desire. Better safe then sorry. Whether you are attending one of their concerts, getting something to eat, or seeking a night of dancing the atmosphere is very Californian in its orientation. Boats, bars, bashes, and bonanzas…how can you go wrong?

Humphreys by the Bay
2241 Shelter Island Drive
San Diego, CA 92106

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Games and Cigars at Habanos Lounge in San Diego

As you put your last club into the golf bag and drive the cart back to the club house you and your party decide to get a quick night cap and socialize before heading home. You played a great game of golf and want to make the losers pay up on their debts. Armed with the knowledge that paying a debt today is worth more than paying a debt tomorrow you use friendly jostling to encourage the losing party to buy a round of drinks at Habanos lounge.  Life is about great company and great friends!

Nothing like a strong stogie and a sip of whiskey to brighten the early Californian evening. Cigars and spirits are the main offerings at Habanos Lounge in San Diego. If you are not interesting in alcoholic beverages, you may want to opt for a specialty coffee. Located conveniently right off I-5 and I-8 highways and a few miles between Sam Snead All American Golf Course, Mission Bay Park and Balboa park you find the establishment as a convenient location  to meet up after events. 

Their menu includes Paninis (sandwiches) served with pasta salad, potato salad, or garden salad for $7.99. They also offer an assortment of pita pizzas, wings, salads, platters and much more for a reasonable price. A large selection of wine, spirits, and craft beers are available for patrons. The selections cater to their average demographic visitor and are priced in the mid range. 

Plenty of seating is available among the two indoor patios. Five large screen television sets line the walls to ensure that you never miss a game or the current score. Busiest times are during popular sports games where large crowds and people gather to enjoy the social offerings of the evening. Of course, we all know that the game is just the excuse in the longing to connect with each other around some medium. For those who are more interested in conversation Habanos Lounge has complementary chess, checkers, and other games available. 

No discussion of the Habanos Lounge would be complete without discussing the large selection of cigars. Purchase them by the box or individually for friends, events, or gifts. When was the last time someone bought you a box of cigars? Placed within a Humidor the product will be as fresh as the day it was rolled. Many of the patrons buy their cigars there and then go sit to watch the game before heading out for a evening of fun.  

Habanos Lounge
3111 Hancock Street,
 San Diego, Ca. 92110