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"Art in Bloom" Show Brightens Usable Space

Two of nature’s most profound forms of expression came together during the July 18 th to July 20 th Art in Bloom show at The Spanish Village. The presentation matched floral arrangements with paintings to create a masterful display of coordinated color. Each artist attempted to make a connection between the two formats to brighten your home and better manage open space. Prices were reasonable and focused on middle class buyers. The color combinations chosen will naturally impact ascetic appearance and mood. For example, a study by Yildirim, et. al. (2011) found that changing colors to warm, cool, or achromatic colors also changed a person’s mood. Warm colors bring higher states of arousal, cool colors bring restful feelings and achromatic colors foster peaceful emotions.   Art in Bloom offered colored combinations across all three color schematics. The same concepts that apply to one's home can also apply to a business lobby, conference room, meeting room, or any o