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Is Cheap Wine Poisoning You?

You may love the price of cheap wine but cringe at a dangerous chemical that is in it. Poison was not one of the things you read about on the label. According to a lawsuit filed against 28 California wineries they " produce and market wines that contain dangerously high levels of inorganic arsenic, in some cases up to 500 percent or more than what is considered the maximum acceptable safe daily intake limit ” ( 1 ).   The lawsuit may or may not have merit depending on how the facts play out. A little extra arsenic is common in wines but stay way below dangerous levels. According to a study out of Cornell 1,300 bottles of wine tested only 83 showed up with 5X more arsenic than what would be found in water ( 2 ). The risks are relatively low and multiple tests seem to confirm this.  The type of wine that will be most likely to have higher levels of arsenic are cheaper white and blush wines that are from areas that need lots of irrigation. Cheaper wines are general pro

Wine Review: Smoking Loon (2012)-The Cultured Outdoorsman’s Merlot

The full-bodied Smoking Loon Merlot (2012) is strong and tart like the name implies. You will discover flavors of cherry, pomegranate and cranberry weaved throughout its design. A few reviewers argue there is a background flavor of black walnut. Made by Smoking Loon Winery this is a perfect glass for the home bbq, roasted duck, or meatloaf recipes. Open a bottle of Smoking Loon Merlot upon returning to the cabin from your next duck hunting escapade.  The brand appeals to your birdshot touting, vest donning, flannel wearing outdoor hunting enthusiast. It was designed after Don Sebastiani’s love of cigars and his father August’s love for water fowl.   The wine appeals to hunters who love to sit on their porches and watch the sun set over the rural landscape. There are few things more enjoyable than a glass of Smoking Loon Merlot after spending a few hours tracking fowl.  The outdoor personality is unique when compared to the general population. According to a study based o

Wine Review: OZV’s Lodi Zin-Hardy and Sweet Blackberry

OZV’s Lodi Zin is a fruity blackberry tasting zinfandel that is both full bodied and ripe for a cool California evening. It embraces a few other undercurrent flavors such as espresso, raspberry, and espresso. Lodi Zin is sweet and goes down easy and smooth without a subtle aftertaste. It is a casual drinking wine you are likely to pull out of the cellar on a regular basis. Not yet a dessert wine in the American tradition but certainly leaning in that direction.  Old Zin Vines is produced by Oak Ridge Winery which is one of the oldest pioneering wineries in Lodi California ( 1 ).   Originally founded in 1934, it started as a cooperative of growers that expanded their offerings through hard work and determination. They are known for their unique tasting room which is built within a 50,000 gallon redwood barrel. Imagine sipping your wine right inside the vessel getting a “birds eye” view of the operation.  Lodi is located east of San Francisco Bay between Sacramento and Sto

Wine Review: Rozak’s Pinot Noir

Rozak Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County can be characterized as smooth and sweet with a little acid aftertaste. It is more wet than dry. The deep ruby red color matches it high strawberry and raspberry palate. There is also a bit of green taste coming from something like pine or similar foliage. The wine is appealing to the palate and is priced for the average wine drinker making it a casual dining wine.   The Rozak winery started with only a few hundred acres with a small percentage of the land cultivated for fruits. Eventually the farm began to produce greater volumes of grapes and wine. The owner was raised in the city and made a transition to the countryside to start his farm. No power, electricity, or even vines. Through hard work he developed something great. Pinot Noir is made from a Burgundy grape that needs a particular climate and fickle growing style ( 1 ). Due to its difficult to grow grape variety most Pinot Noirs are pricy. Rozak offers an affordable brand th