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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Wine Review: Rozak’s Pinot Noir

Rozak Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County can be characterized as smooth and sweet with a little acid aftertaste. It is more wet than dry. The deep ruby red color matches it high strawberry and raspberry palate. There is also a bit of green taste coming from something like pine or similar foliage. The wine is appealing to the palate and is priced for the average wine drinker making it a casual dining wine.  

The Rozak winery started with only a few hundred acres with a small percentage of the land cultivated for fruits. Eventually the farm began to produce greater volumes of grapes and wine. The owner was raised in the city and made a transition to the countryside to start his farm. No power, electricity, or even vines. Through hard work he developed something great.

Pinot Noir is made from a Burgundy grape that needs a particular climate and fickle growing style (1). Due to its difficult to grow grape variety most Pinot Noirs are pricy. Rozak offers an affordable brand that matches some of the higher priced alternatives. You may want to check out the top ten Pinot Noir Wine Picks to see what other brands are available on the market that also have high reviews. 

According to Food & Wine Pinot Noir works well with fish, roasted chicken, game birds, and stews. A heavier and meatier food appears to go well with the brand. This depends on the actual tannin levels of the wine. Higher tannin levels complement fattier foods.  For hunters this is a great wine for their seaside or land based catches. Don’t come out of the thicket unless you have a Pinot Noir by Rozak in your wine cellar.