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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Wine Review: Bosco’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (2011)

If you are fond of the Italian food then certainly you should follow tradition and provide a glass of wine to wash it down your favorite pasta dish. If you’re eating at home you will naturally need to pick up a bottle of Italian wine to provide to cater to family and friends.  No one likes to spend a lot of money for a bottle of wine when there are alternatives that taste just as great. If you fall into the price sensitive category but still want a high quality product try Bosco’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzon for under $10. 

It can be hard picking wine that is going to have a wide appeal. Sometimes wine is too tart, acidity, or carries a poor aftertaste. Price and quality sometimes seem separate. Choosing a wine with softer tastes usually is better for guests.
Bosco’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (2011) is a Red Wine that is a popular export of Italy. Such wines are made in the Abruzzi region around 9,000 feet above the sea. This area is known for its wine making and wine exports and has a history of high quality products exported internationally.

What I liked about this wine was its subtle tastes that didn’t overpower your senses. Mild wines have always been my favorite. That include low tannins and low acidity. This wine is considered dry with a soft overall flavor. Because of its mild temperament it complements most food dishes and makes for a solid everyday table wine.


To the nose: Ripe flavors of seasoned grapes. 

To the palate: Light start, peaked middle and subtle aftertaste.  Low acidity and dry.  Orange and oak are noticeable. 

In the glass: Overall smooth texture. Dark Ruby red. Full bodied.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Wine Review: 2012 Cave de Roquebrun Saint-Chinian Terrasses de Cabrio

The type of red wine you serve at your next social gathering says a lot about you as a person. It prompts others as to your style, taste, wine knowledge, and social graces. Cave de Roquebrun Saint-Chinian Terrasses de Cabrio has all the style of a French import without the heavy price making you look sophisticated and refined. It retails for under $15.

It is a ruby dark red wine with heavy legs and plenty of flavor. It is a fairly solid wine but carries with it a high pitched taste and strong flavors. You can notice black fruit, herbs, tart berries and a little tobacco. The taste may not suit all pallets the same way but most will be pleased with the product. 

Red wine is generally a winter wine that is still served most seasons. This red wine pairs well with any meat or spicy dishes you may be offering. Considered rich and ripe cheeses that have a heavy flavor. Think stinky! Putting out a plate of different types of cheeses with this wine will reflect well on your social graces.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wine Review: Robert Mondavi Private Selection Merlot

Robert Mondavi Winery Merlot Private Selection California 2012 is a bright wine with smooth cherry, plum and strawberry taste. There is a hint of black olive and spice as indicative of its coastal environment.  It is a dark red wine with a pronounced tannin bite that works well on cool and rainy nights or coming indoors from the chilled evening air.  

The wine is produced in Monterrey County which was named as one of the top ten wine destinations by Wine Enthusiast Magazine (1). The location is ideal soils that receive ripening ocean mist. It is an area of winding roads and cliff side views.  Approximately 85 different vineyards have made their home in the area. Supportive local bars and restaurants offer local varieties. 

As a West Coast locality Monterrey County has a unique history. The founding of the area started with the explorers Fray Junípero Serra, Miguel Costansó, and their band of engineers, Indians, and sailors. On May 24, 1770 they discovered the Bay of Monterrey with a description of the coastal wildlife as (2): 

Having examined the cross they went down to the beach. Thousands of sea lions were about, so close to one another that they looked like a pavement. Two young whales lay together not more than a hundred yards off shore. The waters were as calm as those of a lake. From where they stood Monterey Bay looked like a great "O" just as it had appeared to Vizcaíno (first discoverer). 

California is the wine state hosting a growing industry that is becoming world renowned. Its history with Spanish and American roots has helped the local wine industry grow. Most of the varieties are red by their nature and offer a unique taste when compared to their European cousins. As a lifestyle the wine vineyards fit well with the free spirited nature of the State. Expect to pay under $16 for a bottle of Robert Mondavi Private Collection Merlot.