Saturday, October 25, 2014

Wine Review: 2012 Cave de Roquebrun Saint-Chinian Terrasses de Cabrio

The type of red wine you serve at your next social gathering says a lot about you as a person. It prompts others as to your style, taste, wine knowledge, and social graces. Cave de Roquebrun Saint-Chinian Terrasses de Cabrio has all the style of a French import without the heavy price making you look sophisticated and refined. It retails for under $15.

It is a ruby dark red wine with heavy legs and plenty of flavor. It is a fairly solid wine but carries with it a high pitched taste and strong flavors. You can notice black fruit, herbs, tart berries and a little tobacco. The taste may not suit all pallets the same way but most will be pleased with the product. 

Red wine is generally a winter wine that is still served most seasons. This red wine pairs well with any meat or spicy dishes you may be offering. Considered rich and ripe cheeses that have a heavy flavor. Think stinky! Putting out a plate of different types of cheeses with this wine will reflect well on your social graces.

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