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Wine Review: OZV’s Lodi Zin-Hardy and Sweet Blackberry

OZV’s Lodi Zin is a fruity blackberry tasting zinfandel that is both full bodied and ripe for a cool California evening. It embraces a few other undercurrent flavors such as espresso, raspberry, and espresso. Lodi Zin is sweet and goes down easy and smooth without a subtle aftertaste. It is a casual drinking wine you are likely to pull out of the cellar on a regular basis. Not yet a dessert wine in the American tradition but certainly leaning in that direction.  Old Zin Vines is produced by Oak Ridge Winery which is one of the oldest pioneering wineries in Lodi California ( 1 ).   Originally founded in 1934, it started as a cooperative of growers that expanded their offerings through hard work and determination. They are known for their unique tasting room which is built within a 50,000 gallon redwood barrel. Imagine sipping your wine right inside the vessel getting a “birds eye” view of the operation.  Lodi is located east of San Francisco Bay between Sacramento and Sto