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Poem and Painting: Solitude at the Beach- Work and Life Balance

Dr. Murad Abel The sands of summer, subtle breeze of daylight hours.  Whips of grass, rustling in sway. Salty sea of ocean blue, A place to sit for a while. On the shoreline grass, Where noise is a soft hum. The waves never stop rolling, Always keeping the line of land and sea. A few minutes of walking, Life's problems step away. A few hours a week, Your focus will be at its peak. The poem discusses the idea that each person needs to find balance in their lives, work life, and goals. At times that balance comes from spending time alone while other times it could be spending time with family or engaging in fitness activities. Each person should discover that which keeps them motivated about life. Work is a process that is aesthetically pleasing for a great many high performance players. Yet life isn't only about work. It includes other things such as family, friends, goals, and hobbies. Professionals should round out their interests in life

The Benefits of Laughter for Grumpy Managers

Life is full of trials and tribulations but how we view life makes all of the difference. People look for the magic bullet and the fountain of youth by spending thousands of dollars on clothing, cars, cosmetics, pills, and surgery. The ultimate guide to happiness is in the way you view the world. Laughter is one of the best medicines to keeping yourself positive, happy, and productive. Laughter has been noted in a number of studies of having benefits for physical health, psychological health, and social graces. It improves upon a number of areas of your life while costing you nothing but a change in your attitude and a new appreciate of life. If you are a grumpy business manager then laughter will likely be a good prescription for you. Imagine for a moment that you are so focused on your career that you take little enjoyment from other activities in your life. Because you are so serious you are unable to find the comical side of life. Eventually your serious nature will im

Eating Kale to Improve Health Even When Focused on Your Career

Work and health shouldn’t be opposed to each other. Watching the Baby Boomer generation I found them to be highly engaged in their work but often to the point of sometimes neglecting themselves, their families, and their health.   This can happen to any diligent people focused on their goals. Higher levels of performance can alternatively be found through proper work-life balance that includes the foods we eat that support our mental and physical health. Kale is one of the most critical foods you should incorporate into your diet to protect you from declining health when your focused on achieving career greatness.  It doesn’t take long to look around any office in America and find people overweight, struggling with their health, and seeking to find some balance in their lives. When you are busy, homemade foods and healthy alternatives are difficult to find. It is much easier to eat lunch at your local restaurant, buy fast food, and generally snack to overcome boredom. Combin

Weight Training for Professionals: The New Rules of Lifting

Strong health leads to stronger brains. Having a balanced life is important for overall success in one’s career. As you look around the office you may notice that many of your colleagues have a few pounds to lose. However, what is most striking is the dangerous nature of being out of shape, having stress, and working many hours. It can lead to heart attacks and other types of ailments. This can take a toll on your overall work performance as well as raise medical costs. Even if you are approaching middle age it isn’t impossible for you to get into great shape. The only question should be how? The New Rules of Lifting for Life is a great book for middle age professionals over the age of 50. The authors Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove have done well outlining a workout routine for those who want to trim their waists while not trying to look like the hulk. It provides a nice overview of techniques for those who desire to maintain or improve their muscle tone at their rip age. It