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Poem and Painting: Solitude at the Beach- Work and Life Balance

Dr. Murad Abel The sands of summer, subtle breeze of daylight hours.  Whips of grass, rustling in sway. Salty sea of ocean blue, A place to sit for a while. On the shoreline grass, Where noise is a soft hum. The waves never stop rolling, Always keeping the line of land and sea. A few minutes of walking, Life's problems step away. A few hours a week, Your focus will be at its peak. The poem discusses the idea that each person needs to find balance in their lives, work life, and goals. At times that balance comes from spending time alone while other times it could be spending time with family or engaging in fitness activities. Each person should discover that which keeps them motivated about life. Work is a process that is aesthetically pleasing for a great many high performance players. Yet life isn't only about work. It includes other things such as family, friends, goals, and hobbies. Professionals should round out their interests in life