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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Eating Kale to Improve Health Even When Focused on Your Career

Work and health shouldn’t be opposed to each other. Watching the Baby Boomer generation I found them to be highly engaged in their work but often to the point of sometimes neglecting themselves, their families, and their health.  This can happen to any diligent people focused on their goals. Higher levels of performance can alternatively be found through proper work-life balance that includes the foods we eat that support our mental and physical health. Kale is one of the most critical foods you should incorporate into your diet to protect you from declining health when your focused on achieving career greatness. 

It doesn’t take long to look around any office in America and find people overweight, struggling with their health, and seeking to find some balance in their lives. When you are busy, homemade foods and healthy alternatives are difficult to find. It is much easier to eat lunch at your local restaurant, buy fast food, and generally snack to overcome boredom. Combined with sitting at a desk all day and you are on the fast track to putting your health at risk. 

The Benefits:

According to Medical News Todayeating Kale on a regular basis can lower risks of heart disease, reduce probabilities of diabetes, strengthen bone health, and help skin and hair. Kale is the single leafy substance that can make a significant impact on your diet just by incorporating a few servings every week. If you don't have time to work out then eat right.

How to Incorporate Kale in Your Life:

The best way to use kale, along with other healthy food, is to try and incorporate it into your daily habit. Some top places where you may want to use kale are as follows:

1.       Mix with salad.
2.       Use in sandwiches instead of lettuce.
3.       Chop up and put in soups.
4.       Mix with meat and other foods.
5.       Use as a side dish like other vegetables.