Friday, January 2, 2015

The Benefits of Laughter for Grumpy Managers

Life is full of trials and tribulations but how we view life makes all of the difference. People look for the magic bullet and the fountain of youth by spending thousands of dollars on clothing, cars, cosmetics, pills, and surgery. The ultimate guide to happiness is in the way you view the world. Laughter is one of the best medicines to keeping yourself positive, happy, and productive.

Laughter has been noted in a number of studies of having benefits for physical health, psychological health, and social graces. It improves upon a number of areas of your life while costing you nothing but a change in your attitude and a new appreciate of life. If you are a grumpy business manager then laughter will likely be a good prescription for you.

Imagine for a moment that you are so focused on your career that you take little enjoyment from other activities in your life. Because you are so serious you are unable to find the comical side of life. Eventually your serious nature will impact not only your health but also your business prospects.

Encouraging more laughter is all mental that creates a habit. It is often the way we think about issues and how we find the silly side of life. If we are optimistic, feeling good, and thinking about the positive side of issues we are much more likely to enjoy laughter than if our thinking is negative.

Some of the beneficial ways to improve laughter beyond patterns of thinking is to watch funny shows, engage in a more spontaneous life, and try and find the positive side of each situation. If you have ever watched Family Guy or The Office chances are you are already to find some of the funny stuff going on.

Having a non-serious side can also be a great benefit for getting along with others. Being positive and laughing about most issues that might torque will help put people at ease around you. It shows a level of confidence that wouldn’t have been expressed otherwise.

Laughter is one of those things we can do for free and costs us nothing but a change in mood. Laughter is a learned skill much like thinking positively is a learned skill. Once we change how we view each situation and decide to enjoy the funny side of life things will seem just a little more jolly. Take a few minutes to laugh at yourself switch from CNN to the Comedy Channel for self-maintenance.

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