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Survey Says Virtual Workers More Productive and Happy

Remote employment is growing as a way to reduce costs and expenses while still encouraging higher levels of productivity. According to a ConnectSolutions survey, virtual employees were happier and more productive than those who went into the office every day. The new way of doing business may have a positive impact beyond simply saving on commuting and facilities costs. The secondary benefits should be included in any cost analysis for corporate policy making.  Remote work policies are increasing across the country and 32% of employee’s state that they work this way at least some of the time. The survey also found that 27% of employees are working remotely full-time. This would mean that the workplace is starting to shift in terms of moving from traditional structures to virtual structures. Employees are also taking their mobile devices and lap tops home and hanging out in cafes, libraries, pools and other locations making their work more interesting and appealing. The e

U.S. CEOs Optimistic About the Economy and Plan on Hiring

America is pulling ahead as CEO's project a much brighter future with more hiring and greater investment. According to a report by the Young President's Organization (YPO) the U.S. bucked trends of other nations by raising their confidence index from 64.2 to 65. This optimism is a full two points above other countries and has prompted some positive decisions in company strategic planning that will bode well for the American worker. Net importers of oil were more optimistic than net exporters. The reason this is the case is because exportation of a natural resource can be lucrative but is also unsustainable and limited. Those nations that reaped the rewards in the past may find their economies struggling now that prices are changing and demand is less. Importing nations find the cheaper oil prices an advantage for their production and economy through lowered input costs. The report had three interesting expectations over the next 12 months that include: -70% Sales to In

A Current Study: An Assessment of Emotional Intelligence Understanding in the Field of Real Estate

Purpose/Significance Dr Andree Swanson and Dr Brand Bowler, research partners, are conducting a qualitative study is to identify the levels of understanding of emotional intelligence (EI) within the field of real estate sales.   Understanding and using EI is a learned behavior that real estate professionals should be aware of when dealing with clients.   Literature reveals that using EI will improve realtors’ efficiency and effectiveness.   The study will seek real estate sales professionals recruited through social media and networking.     Significance Statement The significance of this study is that a real estate sales professional must maintain the knowledge and skills necessary to provide professionally competent services.   Competence includes the wisdom to recognize the limitations of that knowledge and promote ethical relationships.   Emotional recognition of the client plays a crucial role in understanding the client’s motivation and feelings about his or her fina