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Survey Says Virtual Workers More Productive and Happy

Remote employment is growing as a way to reduce costs and expenses while still encouraging higher levels of productivity. According to a ConnectSolutions survey, virtual employees were happier and more productive than those who went into the office every day. The new way of doing business may have a positive impact beyond simply saving on commuting and facilities costs. The secondary benefits should be included in any cost analysis for corporate policy making.  Remote work policies are increasing across the country and 32% of employee’s state that they work this way at least some of the time. The survey also found that 27% of employees are working remotely full-time. This would mean that the workplace is starting to shift in terms of moving from traditional structures to virtual structures. Employees are also taking their mobile devices and lap tops home and hanging out in cafes, libraries, pools and other locations making their work more interesting and appealing. The e

Policy and Infrastructure Improves National Growth

The development of nations occurs on a constant basis. The policies leaders put in place have a huge impact on the success of any nation and can have long-lasting impacts. A paper by Carmignani & Chowdhury (2010) discusses how specific and broad focus impacts growth. They elaborate on four scenarios of development and the outcomes of each.  Positive Growth and Decreasing Inequality : Occurs when there is growth in the economy but greater mobility of the classes.  Positive Growth and Increasing Inequality : Occurs when there is growth in the economy but that growth impacts one class over another.  Negative Growth and Decreasing Inequality : Occurs when growth is negative but there is greater mobility among the classes.  Negative Growth and Inequality: Occurs when growth is negative but it impacts one class over another.  The authors found through their analysis that strong policies and infrastructure improvements help create the right opportunities for a p