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Tips on Matching Ties and Shirts

You only get a few moments to make a solid impression at your next business meeting or interview. Ensuring that you are looking your best and read to impress will help give a leg up in closing the deal. Making sure that you are matching your clothing and dressing well can make a huge difference in getting what you want. Colors In Tie Should Math Shirt: Times are either plain, stripped, or dotted. A few may have other patterns like crisscross or swirls. Start with the shirt first and then try and find a tie that has a matching color in the pattern. For example a blue shirt will look will look nice with a tie that has matching blue designs. Tie Should be Darker than Shirts: Ties attract a lot of attention from the eye and should be darker than the shirt. It is standard practice to use a white shirt with a brightly colored patterned tie. As you get better at matching ties and shirts you can play around with the combinations more. You may consider trying a light pink shirt with a

Men’s Style: Wearing Vests During Casual Occasions

Vests can easily dress up outfits but are often overlooked in casual clothing. Vests are most often worn in formal wear but are changing in terms of style and use. Before throwing a vest on understand a few rules for coordination that help you put your outfit together in a way that doesn’t appear messy. With professional work clothes vests follow different rules than casual wear because of the inherent traditional nature of suits.   Casual vest are more about clashing than matching and should seek to appear quickly put together but not sloppy. Solid earth colors are easier to work with as they match most other types of shirts and trousers. More pointedly, they complement jeans better than bright slacks.  The vest is commonly worn with dress shirts and certainly will still work with a tie. That is way too stuffy for casual occasions. A solid dress t-shirt or a polo shirt with a earth tone or neutral color like white will work well in balancing the casual with something a

Keeping it Stylish and Comfortable with Urban Star Jeans

The classic jean has just made a turn to something comfortable. Jeans are just jeans right? Not really. Urban Star jeans by Road Runner Apparel offers something unique for those jean lovers who want to be comfortable but still look great. Just because you are putting your old jeans back in the drawer doesn't mean you can't still enjoy denim. Price vs. Quality For those who love their tough and tumble classic jeans, they may be a little put off by the $14 price tag. Price is important when buying products because we associate price with quality.   But this isn’t always the case.   Quality is in the material, design, fit, stitching and only partially in its brand image. A quality brand is that which can consistently provide a high quality product. Those under the 40 category regularly purchase jeans at $100 or more. The problem is that they are wearing the brand and not necessarily the quality, fit or look. When you’re young fitting in is the most important con

Fashion: Looking Great While Being Eco-Friendly

There is nothing wrong with looking great while buying products that are environmentally sustainable. Life Khacki offers a solid brand that looks modern, feels great, and retails for a reasonable $25-30. Fashion doesn’t need to be about buying products that enhance your physical image alone but can also include a new dimension on how you feel about yourself.   Few things compare to looking great while protecting the environment when wearing clothing with recycled material by Repreve. Repreve is a recycle microfiber that uses items like plastic bottles and other waste to make a high quality material used in clothing. Because the materials are recycled there is less petroleum and greenhouse gases omitted. For example in 2012 they recycled 410 million plastic bottles. This equates to 2,934 acres of pine forest or 3.8 million gallons of gasoline.   You can also ponder on how they save enough drinking water for 52,313 people per year.  The company’s material makes its way int